Alec Baldwin seemingly defends working conditions on set of Rust.

Alec Baldwin seemingly defends working conditions on set of Rust. (Photo: Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin is hitting back at reports alleging there were a number of safety concerns on Rust prior to the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins. On Tuesday, Baldwin shared a message from costume designer Terese Magpale Davis that called claims of “chaotic” working conditions “bull****.”

“I’m so sick of this narrative,” Davis began in a lengthy Facebook post, which Baldwin reposted. “I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions are bulls***.”

In her post, Davis slammed the crew members who walked off the set over safety and financial issues, saying they are “not heroes” and called them “jerks.” She claimed the producers were “approachable” and “warm.” She said “concerns were heard and addressed.” Davis also defended the hiring of armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, one of the two crew members at the center of the shooting.

Baldwin, who stars in and is a producer on Rust, took several screenshots of the message, which he posted on his personal Instagram page. (It can be read in full down below.) The 63-year-old actor publicly addressed the tragedy for the first time on Saturday.

“She was my friend,” Baldwin said of Hutchins. “The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting I took her to dinner with Joel [Souza] the director.” (Souza was wounded when Baldwin accidentally fired the prop gun during rehearsal.)

Baldwin was defensive of his team as he spoke, telling the paparazzi, “We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened.” He said he was told by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office not to discuss the investigation, which he has been cooperating in. However, Baldwin has been reposting certain articles — like how he was told the prop gun was “cold” before it went off.

Halyna Hutchins’s final words on Rust set revealed in detailed report of fatal shooting:


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