Apple is working on augmented reality glasses that could ‘beam pictures’ into your eyes.

That’s according to a recent patent application filed by the company.

AppleInsider spotted the application document which stated that Apple was looking into a “Direct retinal projector”.

That means it could skip the need for lenses in the glasses.

Mirrors could be used to beam content into your eyes instead.

The US patent also mentioned a “gaze tracking system” that “automatically adjusts projection of a scanned light field so that the light field enters the pupil.”

Apple is reportedly looking into this option to try and bypass issues that some companies are having with AR.

Some wearers of AR or virtual reality glasses complain of nausea and eye-strain.

Image shows the feet of someone laying in the grass, with a translucent image overlaying portraying a text message from the person's wife saying, "What a fine picnic!"
One of the features this product may contain includes a ‘gaze tracking system’ in an attempt to bypass some issues reported by other AR companies.
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Apple’s changes could also make the headset lighter and smaller.

It’s currently unclear when the ‘glasses’ could be released or how much they will cost.

Leaks have suggested that a VR headset could be brought out first before Apple Glass.

Facebook is also bringing out its own AR glasses.


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