Saturday Night Live” got sweet revenge for Big Bird after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attacked him for getting vaccinated against COVID-19 last week.

In the takedown, Aidy Bryant plays Cruz, who’s so irritated by the vaccination that he creates his own creepy version of “Sesame Street” — “Cruz Street” (on the Newsmax Kids channel). It’s got a rifle, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong) and conspiracy theory podcaster Joe Rogan (played by Pete Davidson).

It even has a song: “Cruz-y days, sweeping the libs away.”

“For 50 years I stood by as ‘Sesame Street’ taught our kids dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness,” says “Cruz.” “But when Big Bird told children to get vaccinated against a deadly disease, I said, ‘enough’ and I created my own ‘Sesame Street.’” 

It’s a “gated community where kids are safe from the woke government,” he explains.

Strong’s Greene shows up packing an AR-15 and explains that the episode is “brought to you by Q — not the letter, the man.”

But the “Cruz Street” version of Big Bird isn’t feeling too well after his vaccination, so resident “medical expert” Rogan is called in.

“I used to host ‘Fear Factor,’ and now doctors fear me,” boasts “Rogan,” who suggests zinc and horse medicine for Big Bird.

For the final lesson of “Cruz Street,” the senator promises to teach kids a fantasy math lesson showing how Donald Trump “definitely” won the election.

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