Storm chaser Cyrena Arnold looks at seven hurricane and tornado scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism. She looks at storm scenes in “Geostorm” (2017), “Twister” (1996), “Into the Storm” (2014), “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004), “Sharknado” (2013), “Night of the Twisters” (1996), and “X-Men” (2000). Can anyone survive in the center of a tornado? Should you take shelter in a basement when a storm hits? Are fire tornadoes a thing? Could “Sharknado” actually happen? Arnold is a meteorologist and has worked at Mount Washington Observatory and NASA. She hosts talks for STEM careers, and is the author of “The Weather Story: With Frances Fox.” Find out more about Arnold here: https://www.wxcyrena.com/career


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